Privacy Statement

The privacy of our visitors is important to us and we recognize that privacy of your personal information is critical. When you use and visit our site we do not actively collect any information except the one normally provided by servers in log files. We will never sell your personal information to third parties. Like all websites, our server will collect and use process data contained in log files. This includes IP address and browser you used, the time you visited our site and which pages you visited. This is totally anonymous and we do not use scripts to get more information from your browser.

If you contact us by Email, you can be assured that we will protect any information you provide as if it was our own. We do not sell user information and never will.never do it. In our communications with our users we limit public Emails and keep your Email private by using systematic BCC, and will remove from our servers any information that could help identify one of our users.

If you have any privacy question, please Email the support address.

Our Apps

We think it is unethical to steal user information to make money and designed our Apps and software to protect your info as if it was our own. Think includes measures in case of a hacker intercepting information between your device and our servers.
To protect user's infi even further, we do not use third party software, libraries or API that could track and transmit your app usage to some API provider. Many apps do! The only extrenel API we use is the Google Admob API in the "Lite" ad versions.

We are totally unable to know who purchased our app, who are the clients receiving notifications etc. If we are unable to know who you are, a hacker would would crack our server will just waste his time.

Our Apps do not read private information and absolutely does not transmit your devices UDID and other private info. We talk to your device by using a crypto token provided by Apple directly to you the user, and we can't make a correlation between user, UDID and crypto token.

This token is used to send Push notifications to users who registered on iQuakeMini for Push Alerts. The only info we keep on our servers are the settings you defined: area lat, long, magnitudes and hours plus your time zone (for night mode), IOS version and type of device and that's all. We do not transmit any of your location info, or area names. We are in fact totally unable to know who who are and talk to you except by sending you a notification. Our databases contain the same information and are totally useless in case of a break.

For more information on apps and privacy

Why Is Your iPhone or iPad Spying On You? from the Wall Street Journal