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iQuakeLite displays the latest quakes graphically using heatmaps. The map and colored dots will immediately tell you where the latest quakes happened by their location on the map, how big they are by the size of the spot, and when this happened by tapping on the dot to see the details.

The bottom tool bar allows you also to display a scrolling list with detailed information about the most significant recent events. This list will be improved in a future release and allow you to get even more information from sites like USGS.



The Map displays a view of the world with colored spots indicating the position of all recent earthquakes.

A red dot mean last 24H, Orange 48H and Yellow older than that. The size of the dot and fuzziness show if it is a small quake. The size of the dot is proportional to the magnitude, a fuzzy dot represents an isolated case but dots will become solid as quakes accumulate in the same region.

In the map above for example you can see that South America in Chile got a major accumulation of quakes in the last 48H plus a new smaller (red) one in the last 24H. In Greece there was an isolated small quake in the last 24H. Same thing in the Pacific near Indonesia.

Red: .......................... Last 24 hours
Orange: .................... 2 days old quakes
Yellow: ..................... Older quakes

Tap a colored spot to see the Location, Magnitude, Date, and GMT time of a quake.
If there are many earthquakes in the same area, you can zoom in to see individual spots.

Pinch the map out with two fingers or double-tap on the spot to zoom in.
Pinch the map in or tap with two fingers to zoom out.
Drag up, down, left, right to reveal new parts of the globe.

Quake List

A recent list of the latest quakes is displayed with details, below. The most recent quakes are at the top.

Mag: ................................. Magnitude of earthquake.
Date and Time: ................ The time of the quake in GMT 2
Name: .............................. Where it took place
Latitude, Longitude 3: ...... Exact location of the quake
Depth4: ............................. Depth at which the earthquake occurred

Tap the blue arrow (>)  to view the location of the quake on the map.

Info Panel

Displays a quick help and links to interesting web sites.

Note: You need to be connected to a 3G or a wireless network.
This version supports the Apple iPad only! A version for the iPhone/iPod will be released soon.
If you need more information please sent an Email to : quake at

Quick-User Guide

Getting Started

At launch iQuakeLite displays a map and auto-centers on the latest quake. A number of colored spots are displayed. The red ones are the most recent (1 day) quakes.

Select a spot to see detailed information

To find the latest quake:

DISCLAIMER- Earthquake information depends on data provided by various agencies around the world, including USGS.  These data may be incomplete or not available in all geographic areas. As a result, the Map and the List should not be considered as a complete list of all the earthquakes.

GMT- Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT) also called Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is the international time standard. To convert to local time, use the table provided at:

For more information on Latitude and, Longitude see:

For more information on depth, see link

A lot more information about earthquakes can also be found on these sites:


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